Visual Analysis

Don’t forget, your visual analysis of three pieces of art is due on Friday. Craft your concluding paragraphs because that’s the main thing I will be grading. This is your first major grade. Also, please finish reading Act I of Othello by next class. If isn’t working, find another version to read.

Summer Assignments

Your summer reading assignments are here. Get started early and you won’t have any trouble completing them before school begins. The first assignment will be handed in, and the second assignment will be submitted here.  

Spring Break

By the end of spring break, you should have your research topic narrowed down to one or two topics. Finish reading Things Fall Apart. Juniors, we’ll begin AP tutoring after the break. On Monday afternoons, we’ll practice the different types of essays. On Wednesday mornings, Mrs. Burriss will practice the multiple choice. On Wednesday afternoons, […]